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This is must have in every lab device increases safety and reduces risk of laser damage by trapping the beam entered into the aperture. The unique design makes this beam dump lightweight and at the same time strong and stable.

Our beam dumps fits for most beam sizes and can be simply used in a lab or in other optical system. Suitable for CW and pulsed beams up to 10W/cm2. Wide wavelength range: from EUV through VIS and up to LWIR.

The built-in mounting suits for standard optical stand (M6 x 1.0) and can be easy held.
Acktar unique anti-reflective coatings implemented in the device gives reflectivity factor less than 10-6.

Specifications (tube dump):

Max Beam Diameter [mm] 32 / 45 / 55
Reflectivity Factor <10-6
Max Beam Power Density 10W/cm2
Wavelengths range 200nm – 10um
Mounting Thread M6 x 1.0
Size (dia. x length) 38mm x 80mm
50mm x 90mm
63 mm * 110mm



Specifications (flat dump):

Max Beam Diameter [mm] 80mm
Max Beam Power Density 20W/cm2
Wavelengths range 200nm – 2um
Mounting Thread M6 x 1.0
Size 90 mm * 90mm * 15mm

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Weight 8 kg