Acktar 3D™ Slides
Acktar 3D™ Slides

Acktar 3D™ Slides

  • Microarray slides for high throughput screening as well as general assays and analysis
  • Provides high binding capacity of biomolecules for higher intensity of signals and better spot morphology and zero fluorescence background
  • Pico molar level detection
  • Proprietary 3D thin inorganic film
  • Film thickness < microns
  • New highly advantageous replacement of nitrocellulose
  • Operational temperature: cryogenic – 350 degrees Centigrade
  • Available in various colors: Black / White / Clear
  • Wide range tailored contact angle from: 3° to 140°
  • Tailored functional groups
  • Zero to Low auto-fluorescence


Bio Optical Surfaces

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